How did you color?

When I was little, and even now when I color with my children, I was very meticulous about how my coloring page looked.  I used to outline the area I was coloring darker then the rest of the area so that it had a defined, confined area to the color.   I think that has a lot of influence to the way that I not only design my products but also the way that I scrap.  I use inner glow on a lot of my elements.  I change the blending mode to linear burn and fiddle with the size and opacity, but I always try and give that element a defined edge.  How about you?  Were you a neat freak like me or were you a messy scribbler?  How about a fancy doodler or a fine art worthy artist?  Let me know…


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  1. Marci D.
    Oct 13, 2010 @ 16:47:07

    I would get so irritated if I shared a coloring book page with someone and they went out of the lines. A lot of the time ,I would get mad at myself if I went out of line. I would rip it up and start over. A perfectionist? Yes,I am guilty.


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