New Camera!

So I know I didn’t tell anyone, but on Christmas day I Broke my camera!  I was cleaning up my son’s clay project that was spread all over my mom’s table and put my camera down next to me.  Well needless to say, I got caught off guard by something (I can’t remember what now) and I swiftly turned around and knocked my Nikon D80 off the table and it literally smashed to pieces on the floor!  I was hysterical!  I cried and cried!  That was my baby!  And when my Dear Hubs was looking over it to see if it could be salvaged, it sparked!  And Died!  So I have been without a camera for the last 2 months!  Well DH decided to go get me a new one!  It’s the Nikon D3100!  And while it isn’t the new equivalent of the D80, it is still freaking cool!  And it records video.  Not sure if I am ever gonna use that mode, but it’s nice to have it there if I ever want it!


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